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Seed Swap Virtual Event

Interested in rounding out your seed collection, learning more about what other people enjoy gardening, and sharing your passion for plants with others? Join in The Art of Ecology’s virtual Seed Swap event! (National Seed Swap Day is January 29th, however I’d like to swap with you anytime this week)

Seed Swap Rules & How-To:
  1. ¬†Look at the seed list below (first come first serve!) and decide which seeds you’d like.
  2. Register for the swap HERE (it’s free, but I need contact/seed shipping address for the swap!). Swap is only open to folks in the United States (to prevent hardships with sending seeds across country borders).
  3. Once you register, you’ll be able to let me know which seeds you want, as well as which seeds (please include botanical names!) you’ll send me. I live in Zone 7b, but would be willing to give other plants a try that might just function as annuals. I will not accept invasive plants, though so I might reject certain seeds (but will still send you seeds if you’d like!).
  4. Once you receive confirmation, we can send the seeds to each other! You must pay for your own seed shipping, however the event itself is completely free.
    1. Participants can expect to receive a seed packet with at least 3 seeds (although depending on how many seeds I have in my collection, you might receive more).

Have questions about the swap? Email me (Marissa) at

Seeds I have Available:
  • Columbine (pink) – Aquilegia canadensis
  • Pinwheel Zinnia (multicolored, but I get oranges a lot) – Zinnia marylandica
  • Orange Cosmos – Cosmos sulphureus
  • Butterfly Weed – Asclepias tuberosa
  • French Marigold – Tagetes patula
  • Ground Cherries – Physalis pubescens
  • Fiesta Nasturtium – Tropaeolum majus
  • Crimson Clover – Trifolium incarnatum
  • Calendula – Calendula officinalis

Please keep in mind, all of these seeds I have personally harvested and added to my collection over the years. All seeds have been harvested/dried properly, however I cannot guarantee their germination. This Seed Swap Event is just meant to be for fun and to try out some new plants in our gardens!


Jan 26 - 31 2022


All Day


Online (Virtual)
The Art of Ecology


The Art of Ecology
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