Trails-to-Tasting Foraging Guide & Drink Recipe Book


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Trails-to-Tasting foraging guide & drink recipe book provides instruction not only on how to create your very own specialty cocktail (non-alcoholic mocktail modifications are available for each recipe), but also how to identify and forage for wild edibles. Treat this book as a field guide for identifying the plants used in each drink AND as a standard recipe book. Use the field guide as you take walks – you never want to harvest plants for eating if you’re not absolutely sure of the plant’s identity. Trails-to-Tasting blends environmental science, and botany, with the creative art of specialty cocktails and beverages. Explore your community as you learn to identify and forage for delicious and nutritious wild edibles. Grow in understanding native plants’ roles in the ecosystem, as well as the wildlife that depends on them for food and habitat.

Book features my own full-color photography and illustrations, tutorials on how to craft your own custom infusion, teas, cordial, simple syrup, and more, along with recipes organized by season. Perfect to give as gifts for the upcoming holidays, or as a hostess gift for the nature-lovers or cocktail lovers in your life, and perfect to add to your own mini-bar or coffee table reading!

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