Whether you’re a Public, Private, University or Home School – I’d love to speak to your students and get them excited about and engaged with the natural world!

Each lesson is fills National Geographic Learning Framework and Academic Science standards and can be tailor made to fit in with your science curriculum.

Lessons & Themes

  • Wet & Wild Watersheds
  • Climate Change VS. Bird Populations
  • Everything’s Connected! – A look at Ecosystem Interconnections
  • Tree Huggers – A look at Tree ID and Importance Wet & Wild Watersheds
  • Conservation Photography – The Science, the Technology, and the Art!
  • Home School Special – A new, interactive environmental science lesson brought to your child each week! Perfect for a fun day of science or a weekly lesson.

Lesson Add-Ons

  • Pre-Lesson Worksheets & Background Vocabulary words
  • Post-Lesson Follow Up Worksheets

Starting Classroom Prices

1hr. Presentation: $75 | Lesson Add-Ons: $15 | Home school Special: $20/child each week

Interested in having me come and speak to your students? Contact me by filling out this form below with the requested date, time, topic and location. I will be in touch to confirm and finalize details.

iSTEAMM Conference participants at Delaware Valley University get hands-on practice blending science and art to make a difference in the world!