The Artsy Naturalist DIY Nights

Looking for a fun, engaging way to relax, get some art therapy, AND learn something?

Each “Artsy Naturalist” session features a brief, interactive presentation to discover more about the natural world, followed by a trendy, interactive, hands-on, take-home project that helps you connect to the topic! All sessions are BYOB.

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“The Artsy Naturalist” DIY Night Example Themes

  • Creating a Universe | Galaxy Print Wine Glass Painting | $25/person
  • Intro to Botanical Illustration | Pencil & Ink Illustrations | $15/person
  • Planting Seeds and Establishing Roots | Seasonal Terrarium Building | $35/person
  • Botanical Inspiration Night | Clay Leaf Desktop Dish | $25/person
  • Botanical Inspiration Night II | Tree Rings Ink Print | $20/person
  • Botanical Inspiration Night III | Watercolor & Pastel Relief Succulent | $20/person
  • The Smells of Summer | Herbal Insect Repellent Candle | $25/person
  • A Home for Feathered Friends | Bird House Decorating | $25/person
  • Flower Power | Flower Arranging | $50/person
  • Art-oma Therapy | Essential Oil Wax Melts | $20/person
  • …and more! Stay tuned on my Events page for more details of upcoming DIY Nights.