Wildlife, Plant, and Environmental Education

Each month, learn about Habitats, Wildlife, Plants, Gardening, Conservation, and ways for you to make the world a greener place!

Happy International Day of Biodiversity!

If you’re here on my site or have participated in any of my events before, my guess is that you love the plants and animals of the world! Today, we celebrate the amazing flora & fauna of the world as well as raise awareness of the importance that maintaining biodiversity has. Helping a wide variety …

Favorite Works

While I dabble in many artistic mediums like illustration, painting, mosaics, costume design, general crafting, and graphic design, my absolute favorite medium is photography. I am an award-winning photographer and have been commissioned for ecological documentation (both in New Mexico and in Pennsylvania).

Flora & Fauna Education

From plants to animals to their amazing interconnection, I’ve got it all here in my blog! Learn about all sorts of botanical topics like gardening for wildlife, houseplant care, and native plantings. Discover wildlife with topics like adaptations, wildlife care & behavior, and creating a thriving habitat and haven for animals! Interested in learning more …


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