Trail-to-Tasting | Foraged Cocktail Mini Series

Discover the natural goodness in your own backyard through this video-series foraging for wild edibles and creating easy to make cocktails!

During my Trail-to-Tasting mini-series, learn more about foraging for wild edibles that can be found all over – from your own small, urban garden, to roadsides, to natural hiking trails! We’ll learn about foraging etiquette, how plant and wildlife (especially pollinators) are interconnected, and how to create unique, handcrafted cocktails – perfect for crisp fall days and holiday gatherings.

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The cocktails below were from the summer session. Click their link to watch the tutorial! During the fall session, cocktails, their ingredients, and the special flower & plant used will be revealed each Thursday as the video is released.

Chicory Collins

This Gin cocktail is made with beautiful, uniquely colored flowers that were turned into a simple syrup, although the syrup is much darker in color. Strained over ice with a splash of soda and lemon juice, then garnished with vibrant flowers, it’s a perfect summer drink!

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Wineberry Bellini

Bubbly, sparkly – this drink is a great for a girl’s night or a Sunday Brunch with the fam. Simply muddle the foraged berries (filled with Vitamin C, E, immune boosting enzymes, antioxidants and other compounds that help to remove toxins from the body) and top with champagne!

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This highly aromatic and strong liqueur is a blend of herbs, spices, and Black Walnuts. While I wouldn’t recommend drinking it by itself (especially if not sweetened!), it makes a great cocktail mixer that’s not only rich in flavor but also rich in nutrients!

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Marigold Margarita

Add a zing to your Thursday happy hour with this cheerful and zesty cocktail! This drink, sweetened with the flower’s syrup and garnished with the joyful garden flowers, is the perfect addition to your next fiesta! Marigolds are perfect companion plants for gardens of all sizes (not just big ones, but small urban ones too!)

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Sumac-Blackberry Vodka Lemonade

Celebrate #NationalLemonadeDay with this cocktail-for-the-birds under the forest canopy with a summer breeze passing by. This cocktail featured Sumac infused vodka and muddled blackberries for a round flavor chock full of nutrients and antioxidants!

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Bourbon Mint Julep

So many plants are part of the mint family – from lavender and basil, to red dead nettle and bee balm! We’ll explore the more “wild” varieties for this frozen, chilling cocktail.

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… I’m noticing that now that I can start identifying edible flowers/berries, I now notice they’re all around me…

Anna S.

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