Trail-to-Tasting | Foraged Cocktail Mini Series

Discover the natural goodness in your own backyard through this video-series foraging for wild edibles and creating easy to make cocktails!

During my Trail-to-Tasting mini-series, learn more about foraging for wild edibles that can be found all over – from your own small, urban garden, to roadsides, to natural hiking trails! We’ll learn about foraging etiquette, how plant and wildlife (especially pollinators) are interconnected, and how to create unique, handcrafted cocktails – perfect for celebrating the blooming of new flowers!

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View some of the past Trails-to-Tasting videos below. During the upcoming spring session, cocktails, their ingredients, and the special flower & plant used will be revealed each Thursday as the video is released. Spring session starting on Earth Day (April 22nd), 2021!

Discover Foraging & Wild Edibles

Gain some background knowledge, learn about foraging etiquette, how to identify if a plant is edible or not, and more about the benefits of creating an edible garden (even great for small scale/urban gardeners!) all through my blog.

Get the Techniques Down

Explore some of the techniques and DIY ingredients we’ll be using to create our cocktails, from Simple Syrup, Infused Alcohols, and more! By watching these ahead of time, you’ll be ready to create your own cocktail during the Spring Trails-to-Tasting Season!

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Don’t these cocktails look DELISH?! Register for access to the entire series as it’s published weekly. Upon registering, you’ll be sent the private access video links and recordings from previous weeks (if you missed one or registered after we started). A portion of the proceeds benefits Habitat Preservation Efforts.

… I’m noticing that now that I can start identifying edible flowers/berries, I now notice they’re all around me…

Anna S.

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