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Marissa (The Art of Ecology) is an Environmental & Conservation Educator who focuses on blending the arts with science to deepen understanding and help build stronger connections between her students and the natural world. She is a Certified National Geographic Educator & has spent the past year as a Mentor for their Certificate Program. She holds a B.S. in Conservation & Wildlife Management with a focus in Media & Art. Marissa has almost 10 years of education experience for all ages, from Pre-School to Adult.

The landscape of education has changed. Screens dominate children’s lives. We need to adapt and keep visual & kinesthetic learners engaged. By blending art & science, The Art of Ecology encourages students to express their creativity while discovering more about the natural world they live in!
Month-Long, Themed Enrichment Session (1hr./week for 4 weeks)

Bring a creative routine to your students with The Art of Ecology’s month-long art & science program. Each month focuses on a theme and features weekly art projects that help to build connections to the overall theme. These sessions are perfect for students ages 7-13. Session starts the 1st week of the month and continues for 4 weeks. $100 deposit required to book, and will go towards your total balance ($45/student per 4 week session). All materials provided.

Oct. – Trees & Woody Plants | Holiday Special (1st 2 weeks in Nov. & Dec.) – Wildlife | Jan. – Winter Sci. | Feb. – Birds | March – Sustainability | April – Flowering Plants | May – Habitats | June – STEM Sci.

One-Time Programs (1.5 hrs.)

Looking for unique activities to intersperse into the school year? Students can expect to bring home a finished art project that helps solidify environmental science understanding and their own connection to the natural world. These programs are perfect for students ages 7-13. $100 deposit (and minimum fee) required to book and will go towards your total balance ($20/student). Choose From (or let me know if you are looking for something specific that you don’t see here!):

Terrariums | Scientific Drawing | Floral Arrangement | Nature-Textile Prints | Watercolor Relief | Bird Feeders | STEM Applications | Aquaponics

Special Program: Green Industry Career Exploration (3hr. program featuring a variety of projects for ages 14-18)

Advanced Science & Art Programs (2hrs.)

Is your student looking for more guidance or experience in the art/science field? These programs are ideal for ages 12-18 who want to grow their artistic skills and deepen their understanding of advanced scientific topics. Great opportunity for career exploration! $100 deposit required (and minimum fee) required to book and will go towards your balance ($30/student). Choose from (or let me know if you are looking for something specific that you don’t see here!):

  • Conservation Photography & Sci. Comm. – Students will learn about composition, lighting, media communication, and about the field of wildlife conservation & habitat preservation. Students should bring a camera.
    • Deepens Connections to Digital Art, Communication, Technology, Journalism, Advocacy, Wildlife Biology
  • Scientific Illustration – Discover more about the difference between a drawing and a scientific illustration while learning about composition and increasing your observation skills.
    • Deepens Connections to Fine Art, Illustration, Graphic Design, Medicine, Biology, Ecology, Botany
  • Kokedama or Staghorn Fern Mounting – Students will gain a deeper understanding about plant health care and how to emulate a plant’s natural growth style in a controlled environment.
    • Deepens Connections to Art, Horticulture, Botany, Design, Ecology
  • Foraging for Wild-Edibles- After this class, you’ll see nature in a whole new way! Students will learn about identifying plants as edible vs. non-edible and how to prepare plants for general enjoyment.
    • Deepens Connections to Edible Art, Culinary, Horticulture, Botany, Land-Use, Agriculture, Sustainability
  • Sustainability & Zero-Waste – Climate Change creates some environmental problems and reducing plastic plays a large role in mitigating climate change. Students will create their own plastic-free alternatives to live a more sustainable life.
    • Deepens Connections to Art, Sustainability, Advocacy, Renewable Innovations, Technology, Ecology

What an engaging presenter! …Marissa brings a wealth of knowledge and experiences to her presentations.  My students were fully engaged and excited to learn when Marissa presented a lesson to my third graders.

Lori Helkowski,  teacher at Snyder-Girotti Elementary School in Bristol School District

Stay Connected to Nature Year-Round, Regardless of Age!