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Marissa Jacobs of The Art of Ecology Environmental Educator

Marissa Jacobs (The Art of Ecology) is an Environmental & Conservation Educator who focuses on blending the arts with science to deepen understanding and help build stronger connections between her students and the natural world. She is an international speaker, professional development educator, award-winning nature photographer & eco-gardener, Certified Tree Tender, Certified National Geographic Educator and has spent the past two years as a Mentor for their Certificate Program. She holds a B.S. in Conservation & Wildlife Management with a focus in Media & Art. Marissa has almost 10 years of education experience for all ages, from Pre-School & Montessori Learning Environments, through retired adult and continuing education.

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Classroom Career Exploration in Conservation Photography in Enrichment Programs for Students
Exploring bird habitat in Enrichment Programs for Students
Making Salad in  Urban Agriculture Enrichment Programs for Students
Exploring ecosystem connections in Enrichment Programs for Students
Creating an aquaponics system in Enrichment Programs for Students
Kids design ecosystems in Enrichment Programs for Students
The landscape of education has changed. Screens dominate children’s lives. We need to adapt and keep visual & kinesthetic learners engaged. By blending art & science, The Art of Ecology encourages students to express their creativity while discovering more about the natural world they live in! Explore enrichment programs for students below:
Themed Enrichment Session (1 – 10+ weeks)

Bring a creative routine to your students with The Art of Ecology’s month-long art & science program. Each week features an overarching theme & project, and includes weekly art projects that help build connections to the theme. These are perfect for students ages 7-13. $100 deposit required to book, and will go towards your total balance . Price includes all materials.

  • 1 time class – $25/student
  • 2-4 classes – $20/student per week
  • 5-9 classes – $15/student per week
  • 10+ classes – $12.50/student per week

Example Themes: Plant Science | Conservation & Wildlife | Birds | Sustainability | STEAM Sci.

One-Time Programs (1.5 hrs.)

Looking for unique activities to intersperse into the school year? Students can expect to bring home a finished art project that helps solidify environmental science understanding and their own connection to the natural world. These programs are perfect for students ages 7-14. $100 deposit (and minimum fee) required to book and will go towards your total balance ($30/student).

Example Projects: Terrariums | Scientific Drawing | Floral Arrangement | Nature-Textile Prints | Watercolor Relief | Bird Feeders | STEM Applications | Aquaponics | Bird-Safe DIY Window Clings

Special Program: Green Industry Career Exploration (3hr. program featuring a variety of projects for ages 14-18. $35/student)

In-School Class Programs (1 hour)

Whether you’re a Public or Private School – I’d love to speak to your students and get them excited about and engaged with the natural world! Each lesson is fills National Geographic Learning Framework and Academic Science standards and can be tailored to fit in with your current science unit. ($100/classroom, $115/classroom with lesson plan activity add-ons)

Example In-Class Presentations: Wet & Wild Watersheds |Climate Change vs. Bird Populations | Tree Huggers Tree ID & Exploration | Everything’s Connected! – A look at Ecosystem Interconnections | Conservation Photography: Examining the Science, Technology, and Art

Lesson Plan Activity Add-Ons: Pre & Post-Program Enrichment Downloadable PDF Worksheet Booklets

Special Program: Green Industry Career Exploration (3hr. program featuring a variety of topics for ages 14-18. $200/classroom)

Advanced Science & Art Programs (2hrs.)

Is your student looking for more guidance or experience in the art/science field? These programs are ideal for ages 12-18 who want to grow their artistic skills and deepen their understanding of advanced scientific topics. Great opportunity for career exploration! $100 deposit required (and minimum fee) required to book and will go towards your balance ($50/student). Choose from (or let me know if you are looking for something specific that you don’t see here!):

  • Conservation Photography & Sci. Comm. – Students will learn about composition, lighting, media communication, and about the field of wildlife conservation & habitat preservation. Students should bring a camera.
    • Deepens Connections to Digital Art, Communication, Technology, Journalism, Advocacy, Wildlife Biology
  • Scientific Illustration – Discover more about the difference between a drawing and a scientific illustration while learning about composition and increasing your observation skills.
    • Deepens Connections to Fine Art, Illustration, Graphic Design, Medicine, Biology, Ecology, Botany
  • Kokedama or Staghorn Fern Mounting – Students will gain a deeper understanding about plant health care and how to emulate a plant’s natural growth style in a controlled environment.
    • Deepens Connections to Art, Horticulture, Botany, Design, Ecology
  • Foraging for Wild-Edibles- After this class, you’ll see nature in a whole new way! Students will learn about identifying plants as edible vs. non-edible and how to prepare plants for general enjoyment.
    • Deepens Connections to Edible Art, Culinary, Horticulture, Botany, Land-Use, Agriculture, Sustainability
  • Sustainability & Zero-Waste – Climate Change creates some environmental problems and reducing plastic plays a large role in mitigating climate change. Students will create their own plastic-free alternatives to live a more sustainable life.
    • Deepens Connections to Art, Sustainability, Advocacy, Renewable Innovations, Technology, Ecology

Looking for Environmental Science Curriculum or Lesson Plan Ideas?

Perfect for classroom teachers trying to incorporate an interdisciplinary approach to their science curriculum or for homeschool parents! Become an Environmental Educator Patron on my Patreon for monthly lesson plans, activities, and tutorials. Each lesson plan includes learning objectives, outlines, material lists, and National Geographic Learning Framework Standards.

What an engaging presenter! …Marissa brings a wealth of knowledge and experiences to her presentations.  My students were fully engaged and excited to learn when Marissa presented a lesson to my third graders.

Lori Helkowski,  teacher at Snyder-Girotti Elementary School in Bristol School District

Stay Connected to Nature Year-Round, Regardless of Age!