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Join Marissa of The Art of Ecology for a unique blend of art and environmental science as I help listeners connect to the natural world, podcast by podcast. Discover natural phenomenon like the science behind sunsets, or how chipmunks vocalize. Get inspired to be an environmental steward with eco-actions you can take at home and explore many DIY ways to make the world a greener place all on For What It’s Earth.

For What It's Earth podcast

Adventures with Mountain Gorillas – Nature Adventure Mini Series with Zack Jacobs For What It's Earth

Join myself, Marissa of The Art of Ecology, and permanent guest, Zack Jacobs for a light-hearted nature-adventure mini series! In each episode, Zack and I will go through an old-fashioned, nature-themed choose your own adventure book and see if we can survive or make it through! After we find if we can survive (or not), we will discuss the adventure's realism, how it relates to the natural world, and our thoughts as environmentalists into the book. We are both huge sci-fi/fantasy/anime nerds as well, so you will get a unique combination of our backgrounds as nerdy adventure-lovers and natural life scientists! In this episode, Zack and I go through the "Search for the Mountain Gorillas" book by Jim Wallace. Throughout it, we try to track down the elusive Mountain Gorilla species to photograph for conservation photojournalism, while discussing the importance of biodiversity, a behind-the-scenes look at creating conservation research proposals and following through with funders, and what wildlife we would wish to document! Links: Joel Sartore's Photo Ark | DBTree on Instagram | The Art of Ecology * Video version (which this mini-series is great for since we share pictures from the book and you get to immerse yourself in our adventure a little bit more) & exclusive mini-episodes only available to patrons (, audio podcast version will be published for the public a week later. — Support this podcast:
  1. Adventures with Mountain Gorillas – Nature Adventure Mini Series with Zack Jacobs
  2. Adventures with Fossil Fuels – Nature Adventure Mini Series with guest Zack Jacobs
  3. Adventure Into the Ice Age – Nature Adventure Mini Series with guest Zack Jacobs
  4. Climate Change & Where We Find Hope
  5. Climate Change & Soil Systems

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Marissa (The Art of Ecology) is an Environmental & Conservation Educator who focuses on blending the arts with science to deepen understanding and help build stronger connections between her students and the natural world. She is an international speaker, Certified National Geographic Educator & was a Mentor for their Certificate Program. She holds a B.S. in Conservation & Wildlife Management with a focus in Media & Art. Marissa has 10+ years of education experience for all ages, from Pre-School through retired adult.

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