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Join Marissa of The Art of Ecology for a unique blend of art and environmental science as I help listeners connect to the natural world, podcast by podcast. Discover natural phenomenon like the science behind sunsets, or how chipmunks vocalize. Get inspired to be an environmental steward with eco-actions you can take at home and explore many DIY ways to make the world a greener place all on For What It’s Earth.

The Missing Color: Where is True Blue in the Natural World? For What It's Earth

We see so much red, purple, green, yellow, and orange in the natural world, yet we don't often see the color blue. When we DO see it, it's often just in the sky or at the beach. Why is that? We'll examine what's up with the color blue, and how a majority of plants and animals (except for one cool creature that we'll examine), even the ones that we THINK are blue, are just tricking our brains into seeing that color! — Support this podcast:
  1. The Missing Color: Where is True Blue in the Natural World?
  2. Beach Dune Ecosystems: Special Plant & Animal Adaptations
  3. Celebrating Plastic Free July by Reducing Single-Use Waste
  4. Podcast Trailer: Let me Introduce Myself: Marissa Jacobs of The Art of Ecology

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Marissa (The Art of Ecology) is an Environmental & Conservation Educator who focuses on blending the arts with science to deepen understanding and help build stronger connections between her students and the natural world. She is an international speaker, Certified National Geographic Educator & has spent the past two years as a Mentor for their Certificate Program. She holds a B.S. in Conservation & Wildlife Management with a focus in Media & Art. Marissa has almost 10 years of education experience for all ages, from Pre-School through retired adult. Learn more

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