Conservation Mini-Grant 2023 Application

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Marissa Jacobs (The Art of Ecology) is an Environmental & Conservation educator. By blending the arts and sciences, she creates a deeper understanding of and connection to the earth. She has a B.S. in Conservation & Wildlife Management and uses her ecology background to develop environmental stewards. Even if she doesn’t do much nitty gritty conservation work, she can empower and enable others to!

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Purpose of Conservation Mini-Grant

The Art of Ecology strives to set an example. A portion of all art proceeds benefits conservation efforts by environmental groups (in the United States). Previously, it was a dollar to this group or two dollars to that group. This adds up, but isn’t as impactful as it could be. In 2021, The Art of Ecology allocated these funds into a Conservation Mini-Grant for people to make the world a greener place in a meaningful way.

Congrats to the 2022 Mini-Grant Winner, Iesha B.!
Congrats to the 2022 Mini-Grant Winner, Iesha B.!

Iesha ran a two-day environmental education event to raise awareness and help restore habitats. Her students worked to conserve Bald Cypress populations in Georgia.

Who Can Apply for the Conservation Mini-Grant

Anyone with an idea for a wildlife, plant, or ecosystem conservation project that impacts local or regional spaces (based out of the United States) is invited to apply! Priority will be given to those located in Pennsylvania (where The Art of Ecology is based out of). Applicants in the United States are encouraged to apply.

Conservation Groups

Environmental Education Organizations

Eco-Friendly Homeowners

Individuals who Wish to Make a difference

Nature Preserves

School Groups (Homeschool, Private, or Public)

Wildlife or Botanical Research Groups

Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers

Conservation Mini-Grant Details

  • Grants will be awarded at a $100, $250, $350, or $500 level
  • Multiple projects may be selected, but will not total more than $500
  • Priority will be given to projects that have long-term educational aspects to raise awareness about conservation.
  • Project must target a specific native plant or wildlife species, or a specific ecosystem.
  • Priority will be given to projects that target threatened or endangered species.

Important Dates

Application Opens : January 15, 2024
Click on the button below to apply any time between 1/15/2024 – 2/28/2024.

Award Announcement : March 11th, 2024
Grant awardees will be notified of their acceptance within 2 weeks of the application closing. Official announcement on social media and the press will happen on 3/15/2023.

Conservation Projects Must Be Implemented By : December 1st, 2024
Projects should be completed no later than 12/1/2024. Short, 1 page grant reports (including photos, project documentation, and overall project impact) are due no later than 12/15/2024. Allocated funds will be sent to grant awardees upon completion of the grant report. Awardees may submit their report any time, but before 12/15/2024, once the project is done.

Application may take 15-35 minutes to complete (depending on detail of answers) and cannot be saved and completed later.