Scientific Illustration

scarlet pimpernel scientific illustration

Scientific Illustration with The Art of Ecology

Combine your love of art and the natural world to create Scientific Illustrations!

The Art of Ecology’s mission is to “Build visual connections between people and nature through art in order to create a deeper understanding and respect for the natural world – therefore increasing the desire to conserve and protect it’s resources.”

Botanical & Scientific Illustration is a great way to do this! Not only are we creating a beautiful piece of artwork and honing our artistic skills, but we are also increasing our observational skills and understanding of scientific concepts like anatomy, morphology, and ecological purpose. Below, join a workshop, view some illustration videos, and check out my illustration gallery!

video course on botanical and scientific illustration

Participate in a Workshop

These workshops, whether a 4 week course or a one-time themed class, are designed to get artists of all levels started on their scientific illustration journey! We explore artistic and scientific concepts and create scientifically accurate pieces that hone our observational skills and create a deeper appreciation for the subject! Now available – Downloadable Video Courses!

mandarin goby scientific illustration by marissa jacobs

Watch via Time Lapse Videos

By creating my illustrations through digital drawing software like SketchBook PRO and Adobe Photoshop, then recording my screen using Loom, I can create videos that show my step-by-step illustration process at 8x the actual speed! What took hours now takes mere minutes.

maidenhair fern adiantum-peruvanium_fern botanical and scientific illustration

From my own botanical and scientific illustration to those of class participants, view the gallery! Did you participate in a class and want your art featured here as well? Send your high-resolution .jpg scanned in or photographed artwork to Marissa at!

Build Your Connection to the Natural World Today!