nature Brought to You

Explore the natural world with a program from The Art of Ecology!

Perfect for Clubs, Formal Classrooms, Homeschool Groups, Church Groups, and more…

Environmental & Art Education for All Ages

Enrichment for Students

The landscape of education has changed. Screens dominate children’s lives. We need to adapt and keep visual & kinesthetic learners engaged. By blending art & science, The Art of Ecology encourages students to express their creativity while discovering more about the natural world they live in! Are you a homeschool parent looking for projects on a one-time or routine basis? Are you a formal classroom teacher looking for qualified life-science presenters to come in to your classroom? Explore the many enrichment options available.

Education for Adult Groups

Why let the kids have all of the fun?! The natural world beckons all of us and regardless of our age, we have something to learn from it. Explore the ecosystems around you through in-person or through virtual meetings. The Art of Ecology encourages adults of all ages to discover ways to be environmental stewards or explore ecosystems both locally and afar. Each presentation uses Marissa’s own award-winning nature photography and still blends the arts and sciences. Explore the options and request a speaker today for your club or hobby group.

Workshops & Worship: Programs for Church Groups

Share Christ’s Love with one another all while investigating the ways that God’s hand is in the natural world. Perfect for Youth, Young Adult, or Women’s Groups. Each activity features a time of worship and delving into His Word to discover more about the natural world, followed by a trendy, interactive, hands-on, take-home project; all designed to enhance and deepen our relationship with Christ. Explore the many Workshop & Worship programs available.

Her exuberance makers her presentation engaging, fun, and informative!

— Melissa J.