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Everyone can be a scientist – Here’s how!

Not everyone who likes science, or finds it fascinating, is a scientist - and there's nothing wrong with that! Science makes up the world around us, from the animals, to the microorganisms, and how they all interact with their environment, to how our own human lives work! I have a science degree and loved my… Continue reading Everyone can be a scientist – Here’s how!

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Skin may be different- but that’s not bad!

The amount of diversity in this world is absolutely amazing! There are so many skin tones, hair colors (mine is blue and will be purple in a few days...), eye colors, heights, shapes.... you get it - this list could go on and on... Did you know that there is even MORE diversity in the… Continue reading Skin may be different- but that’s not bad!

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“There’s ALWAYS Evidence.” – Especially with mammals.

One of the things I remember my father saying the most when I was a child was - “There’s always evidence!” This was typically said because I would wonder how he knew that I didn’t do a certain chore, but it definitely applies in the ecology world too. Mammals are among some of my favorite… Continue reading “There’s ALWAYS Evidence.” – Especially with mammals.