My Top 10 Reasons to Conserve Wildlife

Preserving plants and keeping our bodies of water clean are so important!
Preserving plants and keeping our bodies of water clean are so important!

I originally went to school for Veterinary Surgery and wanted to focus on marine mammals, but life (as it does) got the best of me and I ended up pursuing a different path – obviously – of wildlife management & conservation with a focus in media.

Since graduating, I have learned so much about wildlife populations around the world and have gotten to work with some amazing people and increase my knowledge about ecology in general. I have gained such a passion for the environment as a whole and am fascinated by how plants and animals work together to create harmony. I have learned that these species not only help each other to survive, but us as well!

This month, September, is Animal Remembrance Month. This is the perfect time to acknowledge our mistakes in over-exploiting MANY wildlife species and to gain a better understanding and appreciation for the animals that we have left on this beautiful planet!

Many apex predators have been negatively impacted by humans. Conserving these species is vital!
Many apex predators have been negatively impacted by humans. Conserving these species is vital!

Here are my top 10 reasons for wanting to conserve and protect:

  • First off – animals are cute! Enough said there….
  • To maintain biodiversity –  When we protect one species, we are helping to protect others as well! Everything is connected. There are so many species of plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and insects that it would be so sad to lose that variety! For instance, if we lost some sort of insect, that would impact bird, reptile, and potentially fish species as well that rely on those insects for food, and how would that impact on birds affect other species?. Again, by protecting one species, we can help protect many.
  • I like eating – No, I’m not a vegetarian (I have been trying to reduce my meat consumption to reduce my Carbon/Water footprint, but I really like that boost of protein), but I do really love eating nature! From eating veggies (kale is amazing!!!) and fruits to eating chicken that relies on plants for it’s sustenance, if we don’t protect nature, we don’t protect our food.
  • I like breathing – Everyone knows that trees provide oxygen, right? Well, the ocean is even more important in giving us that breath of fresh air! Without keeping our oceans clean and safe, photosynthetic phytoplankton populations could decrease!
  • Staying hydrated is important – Many species of plants are excellent water filters. They help suck up pollutants and harmful substances and help provide us with clean drinking water! Many animal and plant species in streams, rivers, and larger bodies of water also help regulate water movement and flow. Without them, water could become stagnant and lots of bacteria and other harmful substances would collect in our water supply.
  • To Better study and understand life sciences – Have you ever heard about scientists studying mice brain cells or finding out that a certain plant actually can prevent X, Y or Z disease? Have you heard about scientists studying animal behavior to learn about the animal’s language or societal hierarchy? By protecting all of the plants and animals, we can between study them and learn more about ourselves in the process.
  • Better development physically & mentally during childhood and adolescence – Getting outside into the unpredictable and wonderfully peaceful yet chaotic nature can actually help children better develop balance and agility! Being in fresh air also helps boost immune system functions, regulate hormones (including ones that make us happy!) and decrease chances of mental illness.
  • We have been called to be stewards of the earth I am a Christian, and in the Bible, God calls us to be stewards of what He created. I can help care for the wonderful things I believe He created!
Humans have done too much (like poaching and over-exploiting animals) to negatively impact animals and it's time for us to help these hurting species out!
If humans have caused the problem (over-exploitation from poaching), we can fix the problem! Conserve and protect the animals that you love so much!
  • We want to be “good” people – Protecting nature is simply a “good” thing to do. Caring for others and helping to create a peaceful and harmonious world is important! You don’t need a specific reason to care. Protect and care for nature simply because it is part of this wonderful planet that we share!
  • I want to share my love of nature with others – When you love something, don’t you want to share that passion with others? I want all aspects of nature (both plants and animals!) to be around for many more generations so that someday, a bajillion years from now, another little girl can become obsessed with giraffes, quokkas, sharks, whales, and octopuses like I am too! I want another child to climb trees and smell that amazing earthy scent when it rains.
  • Why do you love the natural world around us and want to protect it? Let me know in the comments below!

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