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The Art of Ecology’s Herbal Lip Balm was specially crafted with chapped lips in mind! The herbs promote healing, cellular regeneration, and are cooling in nature to soothe raw skin. The oils are moisturizing without creating a greasy feel to the skin. Perfect to give as gifts or use yourself!

Lip Balms are made with plants harvested from my own garden or foraged locally and sustainably. 
  • Calendula – This herb helps to rejuvenate raw and tender skin with it’s vulnerary, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. The most vibrant orange flowers were harvested to capitalize on the Beta-carotene (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory) in the petals.
  • Peppermint – This cooling herb acts as a topical pain reliever, helping to reduce skin irritation caused by chapped and cracked lips. It also smells wonderful and can be a soothing aromatic!
  • Lavender – Lavender doesn’t just soothe the mind, it can soothe angry, raw skin too! The oils found in the plant’s buds and leaves reduce inflammation, pain, and also cleanses with its antiseptic properties.
  • Coconut, Avocado, and Olive Oils – Coconut oil promotes long-term moisture in dry skin (great for winter-time!). Avocado oil contains silica which promotes healthy connective tissues (which include the skin!).
  • Vitamin E – Supports the immune system, promotes cell integrity, and allows the herbs to infuse in the oils over long periods of time (4-6 weeks) without oxidizing. This means that the balm is filled to the max with supportive plant constituents!
  • Beeswax – the wax used to solidify the oil is certified organic
  • Other ingredients may include trace amounts of: Chickweed, Maple Leaf, Plantain leaf, and Jojoba oil
Directions & Disclaimers

Apply this herbal lip balm to lips to maintain healthy, soft skin. Ideal for dry, winter conditions. Apply at night, before bed to ensure that your skin doesn’t get dry and crack overnight! The plant constituents in the herbal lip balm degrade over time. For best effects (although the oils will still promote overall well-being), use within 6 months.

Marissa Jacobs (The Art of Ecology) does not diagnose, treat, or prescribe, and nothing said or done should be misconstrued as such. These lip balms are designed to support general well-being, utilizing the incredible plant world around us. For questions about skin health or how these herbs may interact with medication/pregnancy, please consult your primary care physician. Do a patch test before using to ensure that you don’t have any allergic reactions to the plants used.

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