Window Clings for Bird-Friendly Windows Downloadable Workshop




Join Marissa from The Art of Ecology for a downloadable, video workshop!

This course is 45 minute long workshop sheds light on the problems with window strikes and how many birds die each year from window collisions. Learn some stats, and discover some ways to reduce the fatalities by taking personal, easy, at-home actions! One of these actions uses your creative side as we create our own-window clings to break up glass reflections. At the end, Marissa answers some frequently asked questions, both about the method of creating the window clings, and about the birds impacted by window-strikes! Pause, rewind, repeat, and watch whenever you want, even if it’s only for 10 minutes at a time while learning more about the birds you love.

Upon purchase, you will be emailed an order receipt which includes the link for download. A portion of the proceeds benefits BirdLife International.


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