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Plants Make People Happy – Science or Opinion?

So many plants so little time! Longwood Gardens is the perfect place to go if you are in need of some plant therapy!

All I wanted was a puppy… REALLY BADLY. I wanted a cute little fuzz friend to vent to and care for. But alas, no puppy for me. Instead, I came home from my parent’s house one day with a plant that my father propagated for me. Soon, that one plant turned into three plants, which …

How can life still occur in the desert of the American Southwest?

These beautiful flowers attracted many pollinators out in the New Mexico desert!

Traveling, especially to places that look and feel different than Pennsylvania where I have lived for all of my life, is so exciting! Fortunately for me, I had the chance to go out to New Mexico to do some photography this past summer! It was amazing to see how many plants and animals that a …