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Happy Squirrel Awareness Month!

"Heart & Soul of an Eastern Grey Squirrel" is available in my print shop! This highlights the importance of a deciduous forest habitat to the health and well-being of a squirrel. Many people see Eastern Grey Squirrels as pests - critters that eat all of their birdseed, hang out around urban trash cans searching for… Continue reading Happy Squirrel Awareness Month!

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Creating a Safe Haven for Feathered Friends

So far, we've discussed creating a backyard habitat, attracting butterflies and other pollinators, and creating a haven for snakes and beneficial predators, but we haven't talked about how to get birds to your garden! Aside from the obvious of sticking up a feeder, there are some other great ways to attract your feathered friends! By… Continue reading Creating a Safe Haven for Feathered Friends

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Malacology – A funny word for a funny group of animals.

While we may first think of these tiny creatures as garden pests, snails are very important members of the ecosystem and should be valued! Malacology, or the study of snails, has shown us how snails play a role in efficient decomposition and providing vital nutrients for animals that eat them. Snails eat leaves - yes,… Continue reading Malacology – A funny word for a funny group of animals.

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Work With Nature – Not Against It!

There was a quote written on the whiteboard of one of the places I worked at saying “Gardening is man wrestling with nature.” This seems rather counter-intuitive though, to me. If we are gardening, aren’t we trying to add more nature to the nature that’s already in place? Shouldn’t we work with it not against… Continue reading Work With Nature – Not Against It!

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Pollinator Week 2018

Pollinators, the little critters that are responsible for providing us with roughly one-third of our food, are in trouble. Their populations have been declining for years, so 11 years ago, the US Senate designated a week in June as “National Pollinator Week” to help raise awareness and address this issue. To find a Pollinator related… Continue reading Pollinator Week 2018

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Beautifully Built Bird Beaks & Bills

You have a bird feeder out in your back yard, but you notice that not all of the birds you have seen are visiting it - Why might that be? Well, one answer might be that not all birds are designed to eat the same foods. By looking at the bird's beak or bill, you… Continue reading Beautifully Built Bird Beaks & Bills