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Happy Squirrel Awareness Month!

"Heart & Soul of an Eastern Grey Squirrel" is available in my print shop! This highlights the importance of a deciduous forest habitat to the health and well-being of a squirrel. Many people see Eastern Grey Squirrels as pests - critters that eat all of their birdseed, hang out around urban trash cans searching for… Continue reading Happy Squirrel Awareness Month!

Animals, Identification, The Art of Ecology, Wildlife Behavior

“There’s ALWAYS Evidence.” – Especially with mammals.

One of the things I remember my father saying the most when I was a child was - “There’s always evidence!” This was typically said because I would wonder how he knew that I didn’t do a certain chore, but it definitely applies in the ecology world too. Mammals are among some of my favorite… Continue reading “There’s ALWAYS Evidence.” – Especially with mammals.