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“There’s ALWAYS Evidence.” – Especially with mammals.

One of the things I remember my father saying the most when I was a child was - “There’s always evidence!” This was typically said because I would wonder how he knew that I didn’t do a certain chore, but it definitely applies in the ecology world too. Mammals are among some of my favorite… Continue reading “There’s ALWAYS Evidence.” – Especially with mammals.

Owls are more than just cute balls of feathers! They play an important part in our ecosystem!
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Owls – More than just cute, fluffy birdies!

Right now there is a trend in “owl-love”. People think they’re so cute and decorate everything from paper-products, to clothes, to wall art with rather cartoony looking owls. Is there anything wrong with that - NO! Owls definitely are super cute, but they are so much more than just fluffy balls of feathers. They are… Continue reading Owls – More than just cute, fluffy birdies!