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Owls – More than just cute, fluffy birdies!

Owls are more than just cute balls of feathers! They play an important part in our ecosystem!

Right now there is a trend in “owl-love”. People think they’re so cute and decorate everything from paper-products, to clothes, to wall art with rather cartoony looking owls. Is there anything wrong with that – NO! Owls definitely are super cute, but they are so much more than just fluffy balls of feathers. They are …

How do Chipmunks show their personality through vocalization?

discover chipmunk vocalizations and how this impacts personality

I’ll gladly go bungee jumping or skydiving. Not much scares me, yet for some strange reason, I gasp at small things. A door closed unexpectedly? Gasp. Did a leaf fall on my shoulder? Gasp. I’m startled for a fraction of a second and react. Who knew that this is a similar trait to shy, cute, …