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On the Path to Zero Waste Artistry

As an artist who focuses much of their time on conservation and the betterment of the environment, I find it surprising how much waste an artist produces unintentionally! From the empty paint tubes, to the plastic covering my canvases, to colored pencil shavings, to the fabric scraps from creating my Halloween costumes - there is… Continue reading On the Path to Zero Waste Artistry

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Pollinator Week 2018

Pollinators, the little critters that are responsible for providing us with roughly one-third of our food, are in trouble. Their populations have been declining for years, so 11 years ago, the US Senate designated a week in June as “National Pollinator Week” to help raise awareness and address this issue. To find a Pollinator related… Continue reading Pollinator Week 2018

Conservation photographer gets to experience wildlife in fun and unique ways!
The Art of Ecology

Who is behind “The Art of Ecology”?

Welcome! My name is Marissa Farra and I am the photographer behind "mfarraphotos" on social media. I am a Conservation Photographer, specializing in plants, wildlife, and natural landscapes. My goal is to build visual connections between people and nature so that people can gain a new appreciation for the flora and fauna on this incredible… Continue reading Who is behind “The Art of Ecology”?