New for 2022! Mini-Grants for Conservation

A portion of the proceeds from my art sales benefits conservation efforts. In 2022, instead of donating a small % to habitat preservation or wildlife conservation non-profits, I will switch to something that can have a greater impact!

Why the Change?

I feel strange about donating $2 here, $.50 there, $5 somewhere else based on the art sold, yet I know, after working with non-profits for years, that every bit adds up. I still wanted to come up with a way to make more of a difference. Starting in 2022, a % of every purchase will instead be added to The Art of Ecology’s Grants for Conservation pot! Applications open in February 2022.

By making this change, the impact can be as big as possible! I can connect with local environmental leaders who actively make a positive impact on the ecosystems we share. Occasionally, I’ll host special events to impact global conservation, too. I will specify them beforehand and you can make a larger contribution if desired.

Mini-Grant Details

These mini-grants are awarded to groups that:

  • Run Conservation Projects
  • Involve the Public to Increase Impact and Project Reach (not required, but projects that have an educational component will be given priority)
  • Focus on Endangered or At-Risk Species & Habitats

Applicants must describe their project, the impacts the project can have, how they educate or empower the public, and how they will improve species health that need our immediate attention. These grants are open to the public and groups or individuals who wish to make a difference can apply!

Grant applications will open on February 1st, 2022.

Once an organization is selected, I’ll announce the conservation projects funded with your help! The grant reports, including photos and impact details will be publicly available. Based on previous years total donations from art sales, I estimate that the grants for conservation will be for roughly $250-500. Ultimately, they are determined by the sales throughout the previous year.

Spread the Word!

Do you know an organization that could benefit from grants for conservation like this? Please pass this information along to them! I will announce grant information on Instagram, Facebook, and through my eblast. You can also email me with questions at

Watch this video for a tutorial on application!

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