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Creating a Safe Haven for Feathered Friends

So far, we've discussed creating a backyard habitat, attracting butterflies and other pollinators, and creating a haven for snakes and beneficial predators, but we haven't talked about how to get birds to your garden! Aside from the obvious of sticking up a feeder, there are some other great ways to attract your feathered friends! By… Continue reading Creating a Safe Haven for Feathered Friends

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National Geographic Educator Certification – Another Reflection

For a while  now, it has been my super unrealistic goal of becoming a National Geographic Photographer. While I am competing with so many extremely talented photographers all over the world who have access to more “interesting” subjects, better equipment, and have more experience, you gotta have goals, right? Much to my surprise and delight,… Continue reading National Geographic Educator Certification – Another Reflection

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Beautifully Built Bird Beaks & Bills

You have a bird feeder out in your back yard, but you notice that not all of the birds you have seen are visiting it - Why might that be? Well, one answer might be that not all birds are designed to eat the same foods. By looking at the bird's beak or bill, you… Continue reading Beautifully Built Bird Beaks & Bills