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Pollination – Amazing Plant & Animal Relationships

Last month, I had a wonderful opportunity to learn more about pollinators, like the honeybee, at the nationally recognized botanical garden - Longwood Gardens! This professional development opportunity allowed me to not only learn about these amazing plant & animal relationships, but to witness first hand active pollination in the outdoor gardens and photograph some… Continue reading Pollination – Amazing Plant & Animal Relationships

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Beautifully Built Bird Beaks & Bills

You have a bird feeder out in your back yard, but you notice that not all of the birds you have seen are visiting it - Why might that be? Well, one answer might be that not all birds are designed to eat the same foods. By looking at the bird's beak or bill, you… Continue reading Beautifully Built Bird Beaks & Bills

These beautiful flowers attracted many pollinators out in the New Mexico desert!
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How can life still occur in the desert of the American Southwest?

Traveling, especially to places that look and feel different than Pennsylvania where I have lived for all of my life, is so exciting! Fortunately for me, I had the chance to go out to New Mexico to do some photography this past summer! It was amazing to see how many plants and animals that a… Continue reading How can life still occur in the desert of the American Southwest?