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Herps – What are they?

Protecting Breeding Turtles & Amphibians

Starting in late March-early April, you may notice a lot of nature centers or wildlife organizations start talking about “Herps”…. What?! Herps are the collective term for Reptiles + Amphibians. While they each have their own distinguishing characteristics, they are similar enough so that many scientists lump them together while studying or talking about them. …

Snakes – Maybe not your cup of tea, but SUPER important!

Snakes need love too! Show them that you care by building a snake hibernaculum in your back yard! They will thank you for it by chasing away all of your rodent pests!

Snakes are wonderful for so many reasons! I can see it, some of you are thrilled by this and others…. not so much, but yes – snakes are good, even if they’re not your cup of tea. Snakes don’t have to be your favorite animal for you to realize that they play a vital role …

How can life occur in the American Southwest desert?

These beautiful flowers attracted many pollinators out in the New Mexico desert!

Traveling, especially to places that look and feel different than Pennsylvania where I have lived for all of my life, is so exciting! Fortunately for me, I had the chance to go out to New Mexico to do some photography this past summer! It was amazing to see the many plant & animal adaptations to …