Did you know that a group of Flamingos is called a Flamboyance? These amazing birds are under threat of climate change, but fortunately, are being protected.
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Protecting a Flamboyance

Being Flamboyant means being colorful and vibrant. It only makes sense then that a group of Flamingos would go by this name (among other names like a “flock” or a “pat”).

Flamingos are vibrantly pink birds that live in tropic and subtropic regions that have saltwater. They love lagoons, estuaries, mud flats, and saltwater lakes. While the birds themselves don’t drink saltwater and therefore need to also live near freshwater, the food they rely so heavily on likes the salt. Flamingos eat crustaceans, mollusks, aquatic insects, and algae.

Unfortunately, while the birds themselves aren’t being threatened, their food source is. Due to an increased amount of pollution and toxins entering precious water sources, the small aquatic animals and plants are dying, causing the Flamingos to spend more time and energy searching for food. Click here to learn more about how pollution has impacted several African populations.

Climate Change is also impacting the bird’s population as drought can dry up their water source and rising waters can prevent the flamingo from properly eating (they eat upside down, making it a little difficult if the water isn’t shallow enough). Extreme temperature changes can cause a lessened desire to mate, which also reduces the numbers.

Fortunately, despite all of this, the flamingo populations across the globe appear stable and the birds do well in captivity, giving zoos the proper time to study the magnificent birds.

To learn more about flamingos and other important birds, join me for the opening wine and cheese reception of the juried art gallery, “Feathers & Flight” at the D & R Greenway Land Trust in Princeton, NJ on December 8th, 2017 from 5:30-7:30pm! My photo, seen here, along with many other participants fine art and 3D art work will be on display until February, so be sure to take a look at the beautiful art on display!

Want to add any of these photos to your collection? This photo is currently on display and available for sale at the D & R Greenway Land Trust as a framed and matted 11×14.  OR – Check out my Products page to learn how to place an order and use these photo names:

  • Lagoon Life

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