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Plants Make People Happy – Science or Opinion?

All I wanted was a puppy… REALLY BADLY. I wanted a cute little fuzz friend to vent to and care for. But alas, no puppy for me. Instead, I came home from my parent’s house one day with a plant that my father propagated for me. Soon, that one plant turned into three plants, which quickly turned into eight and now – I have roughly 30 plant varieties in my 1 bedroom apartment, many of which I have multiples of!

So what happened? Yes, I did eventually get a dog, but the plants helped increase my well-being and give me a rewarding feeling of helping something grow. Plants make people happy. It’s a fact that I wished I realized sooner.

Can't get plants inside your home? Visit a botanical garden to have a whole day of plants!
Can’t get plants inside your home? Visit a botanical garden to have a whole day of plants!

Need some reasons to start your own indoor botanical garden? Here are 10 to get you started on your road to plant obsession.

  1. Plants increase productivity – Studies show that having plants around can reduce stress and increase concentration by up to 15%, so having them in your work space increases productivity!
  2. Plants increase vitality – Gardening or working with plants, even indoors, releases adrenaline, which increases energy and gives a sense of well-being!
  3. Plants provides us with something to nurture – It’s simple biology. Humans want to care for things. We want to help nurture a little being into maturity and watch it grow, that’s why many find parenting so rewarding! Not everyone can have or want children though, so what do those people care for? Many have pets, but plants are another great option. Watching a plant start as a sprout and continue to thrive, produce flowers, and seeds is very exciting and can fulfill that need to care for a living thing.
  4. Plants increase self-esteem – As plants grow with your care, your self-esteem will as well! This little green lifeform needs you and it definitely gives one’s confidence a boost when you see your plant thrive.
  5. Plants purify the air – As plants go through photosynthesis, they remove toxins from the air. Humankind has inadvertently added more pollutants to the air, so being around plants, whether indoors or out in nature, can help us literally breathe easier. A NASA study has shown that plants can remove up to 87% of toxins in one day!
  6. Plants add Oxygen to the air – Not only do they remove toxins, but they also help to replenish our O2 We breathe out CO2, the plants breathe that in and release O2 for us to use! It’s a beautiful cycle!

Colorful hibiscus plants definitely help to brighten up a cloudy day! Knowing plant temperature requirements (this is a tropical plant that doesn't like PA winters!) will help you care for it year-round!
Colorful hibiscus plants definitely help to brighten up a cloudy day! Knowing plant temperature requirements (this is a tropical plant that doesn’t like PA winters!) will help you care for it year-round!
  • Plants boost immunity and healing – Hospitals have increased the number of gardens and plants on their campuses because plants reduce anxiety (believe me, being in a hospital is MAJOR stress!) that inhibit the healing process. Also, plants like trees, produce chemicals called “Phytoncide” that help to protect the plant from germs. Simply being around plants for even just 30 minutes a day is known to improve our immunity and decrease the risk of disease and cancer!
  • Plants are natural humidifiers – Plants need water to survive, but they also release a small amount of water as a byproduct of photosynthesis! They don’t lose a lot, but it’s enough for us to notice, especially during the winter when the air is dry and stale.
  • Plants improve our relationship with others – As you care for your plant and learn to recognize what it needs to be happy, you’ll notice that you start to learn more about people as well! Studies show that those who care for plants are more likely to offer help and be more compassionate towards others.
  • Plants are colorful decoration – If you find that your home needs some new color and life, try adding plants! The greenery of nature is soothing and having flowers and green even in the winter is so refreshing! Vibrant pots and hangers are great ways to add color and personality to a drab room.
  • white orchids
    Caring for plants definitely increases happiness, but make sure to start with an easy to care for plant! Orchids are beautiful, but may be difficult to grow.

    Now that you are convinced of the benefits of plants, click here to see a great list of houseplants for beginners! Remember – start out with easy-to-care for plants until you learn more about plant care. Nothing is worse than getting plants to make yourself feel happier, and then watching them slowly die.

    Need more plants in your life, but don’t have the light or space for them to thrive? No worries – The Longwood Garden images shown here (and on my facebook page here!) make great sets (I’d recommend a set of 3 8x10s framed together) and flowers or leaves make perfect pendants to make sure that you have nature with you even outside of your home. Click here to start placing your order today and get more plants and nature in your life!

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