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Orchids – the Mischievous Flower

Flowers rely on pollinators like bees, beetles, birds, moths, butterflies, bats, and other creatures to spread pollen from one flower to the next in order to create seeds. Flowers have adapted their color, shape, or aroma to attract the type of pollinator that would best suit them - for example, hummingbirds like red tube flowers.… Continue reading Orchids – the Mischievous Flower

So many plants so little time! Longwood Gardens is the perfect place to go if you are in need of some plant therapy!
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Plants Make People Happy – Science or Opinion?

All I wanted was a puppy… REALLY BADLY. I wanted a cute little fuzz friend to vent to and care for. But alas, no puppy for me. Instead, I came home from my parent’s house one day with a plant that my father propagated for me. Soon, that one plant turned into three plants, which… Continue reading Plants Make People Happy – Science or Opinion?