Combating The Winter Blahs

Uuugghhhhhh…. Many of us are feeling it right now… A mild depression, the itching desire to go out and do something, and see something GREEN! If you’re a gardener, you may even be beyond excited to get your hands in the dirt again!

We’ve got it bad…. Well, I do at any rate. I’ve got the winter blah’s and SPRING FEVER! No, you’re not actually sick. Spring fever is just a feeling that many get after what seems to be an endless winter, when our bodies are telling us that we’re ready for a change in season; for warm weather, more daylight hours, and to see growing, living things again!

Usually, I start feeling this way in late-January to early February. I go stir crazy, find myself complaining about the cold more than usual, and start willing my garden to grow. Fortunately, even if there’s going to be a few more weeks of winter, there’s plenty of things to do to make it feel more like spring and to get yourself ready for the warmer months!

Exploring a botanical garden can be a great cure for the winter blah’s and spring fever!
  1. Create your Garden Plans for the Year – Take a look at what you have in your garden, think about what you want (some new exciting plants, blooms for a season that you don’t have much color, host plants, etc…), and create a list of seeds that you can start indoors! Is it your goal to create a wildlife sanctuary in your backyard this year? Make sure that you know what it’s going to take an have a plan of action.
  2. Immerse Yourself In Growth- Visit a botanical garden or greenhouse! Not only are the greenhouses beautifully warm, they also allow you to be completely surrounded by vibrant, growing things for a day, improving your mood, self-esteem, and productivity!
  3. Turn Your Home/Office Into a Jungle – Invest in some new houseplants. Having the green in your house or office can really improve your overall mood! Click here to learn more about the benefits of having plants in the house.
  4. Spring Clean your Plants – Repotting, fertilizing, and pruning are all great end-of-winter activities to get your plants ready for spring! Pot some plants in the next pot size up to give them room to grow in the new year. Add some slow-release fertilizer for a spring growth boost! Prune off dead or dying foliage to freshen them up, and be sure to do some larger trimmings to try your hand at propagation!
  5. Propagate your Houseplants – Many plants will grow new roots in water if they have some nodes (where the stem meets the leaf) in the water. House plants like philodendrons, pothos, ivy, monstera, coleus, and even some ficus can work well being propagated in water – then you’ll have a whole bunch of new, baby plants to transplant and work with even though they weather outside may still be chilly!

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