A Look Back at an Amazing 2019

This year has been one of incredible growth here at The Art of Ecology!

Throughout the 2019 year, I was able to stay true to my mission of building visual connections between people and the natural world through the blend of arts and sciences. I had the pleasure of holding some new workshops as part of my Artsy Naturalist DIY Nights for adults, speak at an iSTEAMM Conference for girls, and leading educational outreach programs for school-aged children. I also was able to further my educational experiences by becoming a National Geographic Certified Educator and then an Education Certification Mentor – In fact, this fall, I was awarded a grant through National Geographic to be able to provide a low income school district with a Professional Development opportunity that will provide teachers with the skills and resources needed to increase Environmental and Geographical Literacy rates in their students through Interdisciplinary studies and Citizen Science projects!

With each activity, not only do I teach about environmental and conservation topics, but I give back to conservation work as well. A portion of all proceeds from any event I ran or art piece that I sold, I was able to donate back towards wildlife conservation, habitat preservation, and environmental education organizations.

While Bucks County, PA (where The Art of Ecology is based out of currently) is a great place to raise awareness for the environment, The Art of Ecology opened it’s doors to the whole world and was able to reach over 1,500 individuals in over 70 countries!

It is my goal in 2020 to be able to strengthen and increase my educational outreach events, create more interactive and conservation minded workshops, and grow professionally through more National Geographic Certifications and programs.

Favorite Photos from 2019

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