Ecology in the Garden

Ecology in the Garden hummingbird moth in meadow photography in bucks county pennsylvania

Get creative with your outdoor space, regardless of the size, shape, or location!

We are the Stewards of the Earth. We have the ability to express our artistic side while creating viable habitat for wildlife, plants, and microbes to thrive in. Create a backyard garden that emulates nature so that animals can raise their young, find food & water, and obtain shelter in sustainable and aesthetically pleasing ways! Add a dose of ecology in the garden!

Explore the Award-Winning Ecology in the Garden

After years of hard work, raising my garden from the soil up, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society awarded my small, urban garden with “Gardens of Distinction” in their 2020 garden contest. View the gardens throughout the seasons on my YouTube channel! There, I create mini, virtual garden tours, as well as teach how to create your own wildlife habitat.

skipper butterfly on purple flower small ecology in the garden
Get Inspired or Plan Ahead!

Check out my gardening-themed blog posts and never run out of ideas to take your garden to the next level or add new features – regardless of garden size. From tiny urban windowsill boxes to large scale plots, stay inspired to grow and create! All tips are eco-friendly, sustainable, and are designed to create vital wildlife habitat while being absolutely beautiful!

butterfly weed and catmint - ecology in the garden photography in bucks county pennsylvania
Observe your Garden in a New Way

We don’t often get the chance to sit and observe the natural world. By creating gardens, we have the chance to make something beautiful. We also notice the plants and animals in a consistent way. Observe in a new way by participating in a Botanical Illustration Class designed to get you familiarizing yourself with plants, or in a Terrarium Workshop that brings the garden inside!

I love taking my 2 dogs on hikes and always like to take my camera to capture nature but today was different because I was more conscious about the different berries, flowers, nuts, trees

Jutta T. – Workshop Participant

Investigate the Natural World Up-Close