Live Wildly Sticker




Live Wildly Sticker

Do you love the natural world and live harmoniously with it? Are you a forager who enjoys the natural bounty in your community? Proudly share your love of the ecosystems we’re a part of and a little bit of your fun-loving, wild side with a Live Wildly Sticker! This sticker features illustrations (all drawn by Marissa of The Art of Ecology) of all edible, locally foraged plants such as the Blackberry, Red Clover, Multiflora Rosehip, and Eastern Red Cedar. All of these plants are in my Trails-to-Tasting series (learn more here) and in my book, “Trails-to-Tasting” book (found HERE).


This high-quality waterproof and weatherproof sticker is 3.75″x2″ (rough estimate since it’s a weird, die-cut shape). It has a glossy finish and is perfect for cars, laptops, water bottles, or any other surfaces begging for a pop of color!

FREE Shipping within the United States.

A portion of the proceeds is donated back to wildlife conservation and habitat preservation efforts.


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