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Burn Through Snow – What Flowers Can Do that We Wish We Could Too!

Galanthus nivalis is a beautiful snow-burning plant that is a wonderful herald of spring!

About this time (maybe even earlier!) each year, I start missing the sunshine and heat like crazy! Fortunately, nature’s got my back and I can get my “spring fix” even during the last dreary winter days. A few flowers get tired of the grey like I do and do something about it; they heat up …

How do tiny birds survive the cold winter?

Cardinals need to eat a lot of fatty seeds in order to stay warm all winter!

We always think of birds as migrating south for the winter (wish I could too!), but obviously, some birds do stick around. There are many bird adaptations to the cold to allow them to stick around chilly Pennsylvania! How do Birds Adapt to the Cold? Birds adapt in many ways that are similar to humans. …